These are the four best reasons to become a real estate investor in 2022.

Real estate can be a fantastic investment vehicle. Many people have used real estate to build their wealth and diversify their portfolios. Here are the four main reasons you should invest in real estate in 2022:

1. Rent has increased by 27% year over year. Think about that. Vacancy has gone down to 3.8% in the same time. That’s the lowest vacancy figure in over 20 years. Just like the resale market, the rental market is extremely hot. If you buy a home to rent out, people will be lining up to become tenants.

2. Interest rates are still low. They’re keeping homes affordable and keeping buyers in the market. When I bought my first investment property, I got an interest rate of 11%. These days, you can still lock in a rate under 4%, but they’re on their way up.

“Many people have used real estate to build their wealth and diversify their portfolios.”

3. Real estate is a great hedge against inflation. In the Phoenix market, we’re expecting about 3% inflation over the next 12 months. Last year, we had a whopping 32% appreciation in home values in the Greater Phoenix Area.

4. We have the highest job creation in the country. Cranes are in the sky, companies are coming in, and a lot of jobs are creating many more renters for you.

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