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Free Real Estate Agent Training Newsletter

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Last year 84,049 homes sold in the Maricopa County.

That’s plenty of business to go around for all of us.

We’ve been fortunate to sell 3,144 homes last year and our average agent earns $126,000 a year with us.

The same training they get will help you do it as well.

So, if you’re interested in knowing what we’re up to here, and you’d like to stay current on the latest strategies to:

  1. Generate qualified seller leads
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  6. Earn more referrals and reviews for repeat business

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Here’s what a few agents say about our free training:

"I have been with RE/MAX Professionals for 11 years, with a 2 year break when I joined another company. During that time, I realized how advanced in training, staff support and education RE/MAX Professionals truly is. Our company always excels in providing valuable tools for our own business growth, from how to use the RE/MAX brand to our benefit, to the weekly training courses, to keeping us updated on industry changes and developments. With an amazing full time staff and transaction coordinator services, we are able to sell more real estate successfully and efficiently. I love the internal support among the agents as well ~ we are happy to share our "secrets" with each other, giving advice and encouragement along the way. Joining (and returning to) RE/MAX Professionals is the best business decision I've ever made!"

"I work for RE/MAX Professionals because of the support and training they offer every agent, for free! I've taken every Momentum course and it's given me a solid foundation to grow my business the right way! They even have some free continuing education classes. The best thing is the people! All of our agents what everyone to succeed and they'll help you along the way."

"Surround yourself with Successful People and You, Yourself, will be come Successful!" At RE/MAX Professionals, the owners and agents share their success ideas. They truly care. I came from a 25 year corporate background and have built a successful real estate career beyond what I thought was possible. I no longer think with limits. Success is yours if you put yourself in a place to grow. I could not imagine being anywhere else."

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We look forward to staying in touch. Let’s raise the standard and training of all real estate agents in The Valley of the Sun.

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