Nate’s Monday Morning Message
Volume 1,114

Welcome to this week’s edition of Nate’s Morning Message! I want to dedicate this week’s message to the countless men and women who have selflessly sacrificed their lives for the freedoms we enjoy every day. I hope you will take a moment to reflect and say a word of gratitude for those who have been brave enough to defend our nation. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your life. We honor each of you on this Memorial Day.


Memorial Day by Amos Russel Wells

The Day of Memories!—Remembering what?
The cannon’s roar, the hissing of the shot?
The weary hospital, the prison pen?
The widow’s tears, the groans of stalwart men?T
he bitterness of fratricidal strife?
The pangs of death, the sharper pangs of life?
Nay, let us quite forget the whole of these
Upon our sacred Day of Memories.

The Day of Memories!—Remembering what?
The honored dust in every hallowed spot;
The honored names of all our heroes dead;
The glorious land for which they fought and bled;
Our nation’s hopes; the kindly, common good;
The universal bond of brotherhood;
These we remember gladly, all of these,
Upon our sacred Day of Memories.


“My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” - John F. Kennedy

“Memorial Day this year is especially important as we are reminded almost daily of the great sacrifices that the men and women of the Armed Services make to defend our way of life.” - Robin Hayes

“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” - Nathan Hale

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