RE/MAX vs. Coldwell Banker

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Remax vs Coldwell Banker

Cost + Value

It's very likely that RE/MAX Professionals costs substantially less than what you currently pay Coldwell Banker. Because we're built to service higher-producing agents and cater to their needs, our compensation plans are designed to make sense for them as well. We don't have any hidden fees, splits, or transactional costs because our focus is the success of our agents, not generating as much revenue as possible from a smaller number of transactions. On top of the savings with lower apples-to-apples cost, think about what the additional income you'll earn with the move to RE/MAX Professionals means to helping you meet your personal goals!

The RE/MAX Brand

You know the advantages that being associated with a top brand can bring. RE/MAX is the best known brand in real estate and home to the highest-producing agents, and that well-earned reputation is at the forefront in consumers' minds. That means more listings won, more clout with new clients, the largest referral network, and powerful resources and strategic partnerships that help your business thrive. Why pay more for a brand that does less for you when RE/MAX remains the industry leader year after year?

No Hostages

At RE/MAX Professionals, we don't hold your listings or commissions hostage. We actively work with our agents to help them meet their goals through consultation, development, services, and support, and if a different brokerage will better fit their needs we don't try to force their hand by picking their pocket. If your broker penalizes you for making a change in the best interest of your business, whose best interests are they focused on? We always work in good faith to find the best outcomes for everyone involved, but if you ever decide to leave RE/MAX Professionals your hard-earned business stays with you.

Fee-free Leads & Referrals

At RE/MAX Professionals we don't have additional fees or splits for company-provided leads or business coming from the RE/MAX referral network. We provide those opportunities because that's part of our role as your business development partner and, because our compensation plans are equitable from day 1, we don't nickel-and-dime the success that ultimately comes from your own hard work! We also don't cherry-pick leads, direct the lead distribution process between agents, or act as a middle-man for leads coming in from your own listings or sites. We believe that with fairness and hard work, everybody wins.

Collaboration, Support, and Development

At RE/MAX Professionals you're in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our agents are always happy to share what they know and the methods that support their success because they know that real estate isn't a zero-sum game and everyone does better when we work together. Our outstanding support staff listens to individual agent needs as well as keeping attuned to broader emerging trends and proactively works to match those needs with the best resources, or develop new tools and materials if needed. Above and beyond the individualized support, we have an in-depth, multifaceted Complete Agent Development curriculum packed with information that is designed to help agents at all stages of career development delivered both on-demand online as well as in live sessions to take full advantage of the natural collaboration that happens amongst our agents every day. These development resources are much more than the general concepts taught elsewhere and instead provide full sets of tools and materials so you can go straight to execution without reinventing the wheel.

Tools & Services

We have everything you'd expect from a full-service RE/MAX brokerage (websites, file & transaction management, marketing materials, listing promotion, etc.), but we go above and beyond with best-in-class mobile apps, IVR systems, geo-targeted listing promotion, automatically created personalized listing marketing materials, an in-house Design & Marketing Specialist for all your custom marketing needs, a customized and automatically updated CMA creation platform, social media management services, mentorship, 1-on-1 coaching, and much more. Your success is our success, and as your consultant and business development partner we're serious about ensuring you have the resources you need to succeed. You can even earn designations through RE/MAX University online, and take advantage of the strategic partnerships and pilot programs we've created with other big industry leaders in ways that no-one else can provide to further leverage the RE/MAX brand influence to take your business to the next level.

Forward-Thinking, Results-Driven

What's your outlook on our industry over the next 3-5 years? What strategic plans does Coldwell Banker have to navigate the changes and challenges ahead? How are they addressing the explosion of iBuyers (Open-door, Offerpad, Zillow Instant Offers, etc.) in the Phoenix market? What's the next emerging technology that will change the way we do business and how is your brokerage preparing for it? RE/MAX Professionals has been able to remain the home of the most productive agents in Arizona for a decade running because we're always looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge of industry movements to take advantage of developing opportunities. We double-down on what's working and aren't afraid to step away from what's not. Those decisions are informed by research, data, and feedback at every level from our local agents and their clients to the state and national leadership roles our agents and staff hold to long-term international initiatives that RE/MAX LLC helps to drive.

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